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Here is a collection of coping tools and tips that I’ve learned from my own experiences and others. I hope these coping tools and tips help you as they have helped me deal with living with an autoimmune disease. Got any you want to share too? Join the Autoimmunees group on Facebook and let’s get talking.

Sleep Coping Tools and Tips
5 natural ways to get to sleep – and stay asleep

8 years before I had a bilateral pontine ischemic stroke I had migraines for 8 years. Repeat – eight! As you can imagine, I had bouts of insomnia and nights where sleep became very hard to come by. Here’s a list of 5 natural ways to get to sleep – and stay asleep! The Calm

Sunrise 1 Coping Tools and Tips
Autoimmune Disease Short Story III (Outside)

Author’s Note: This is the third story written from a series of short stories called “Outside”. Which you can read more here. This story is fictional but I can relate to my character when some in their 70s try to compare the experience with mine, it’s not the same.   Staying up to watch the sunrise “When

Warm winter Coping Tools and Tips
Keep warm and pain-free this winter

“Winter is coming!” if you’re a GoT fan, this may mean a little more to you, but even if you’re not, I’m quite serious – winter is coming and if you’re like me, your joints are already letting you know it’s starting to get colder. Having an autoimmune disease winter is usually an interesting time,

Mr Reed Coping Tools and Tips
Autoimmune Disease Short Story: Outside I

Preface Short stories are made to make you think. There might be no resolution, an ambiguous ending. But isn’t life like that? Try as we may, we try our best to give ourselves our own resolutions in life. But maybe by looking back on those details we see the answers to our questions, we create

venipuncture Coping Tools and Tips
Comfy ways to draw blood

*Eeeks* I think I have the death grip on my husband’s hands. “Don’t look,” he says. I may have brown skin, but if you were to see me I’m sure I’d look deathly pale. “You’ve got tiny veins,” says the lady. She swaps to the other arm. There are 3 tiny holes now on my

How to make your next in-patient hospital experience more comfy

I’ve been in and out of the hospital more times than I can count on both hands. With each experience, I’ve gained so much knowledge not only about my autoimmune condition but also about myself. In this post, read on for some tips about how to make you next in-patient hospital experience more comfy.

affirmations Coping Tools and Tips
Words of Affirmation

I am a true believer in that having a positive attitude changes the whole course of having an autoimmune condition. It makes sense, if you’re eating crap, thinking crap and doing crap then odds are you will end up feeling crap – and who needs that when they’ve got an autoimmune condition? I believe you can choose how you deal with life. Things will

metamucil Coping Tools and Tips

I wanted to share with everyone today my new fav health product called “Metamucil”. In case you’re wondering, I make no money from telling you how awesome it is, I just love to share this product because it has helped me so much. I’m not sure if it’s available in your country wherever you may