I wanted to share with everyone today my new fav health product called “Metamucil”. In case you’re wondering, I make no money from telling you how awesome it is, I just love to share this product because it has helped me so much. I’m not sure if it’s available in your country wherever you may be but it is good to check it out and if not look for ‘Psyllium Husks’.

What is psyllium husk?

It’s a bulk-forming fibre. If you take Metamucil everyday it helps the elimination of unwanted waste from your body to help keep your digestive system clean. It helps food through your digestive tract at a normal rate, and even relieves constipation within 12-72 hours. It’s also been found through research, that if taken as part of a heart-healthy diet low in saturate fat and cholesterol, may lower cholesterol, so it is good for people of all ages. In fact, these reduction in cholesterol may even contribute to reducing the risk of heart disease.

How to take it and when

You can take it anytime throughout the day as long as you take enough water (one teaspoon to every 250ml; at least 250ml water per serving). You can take it three times a day before meal times. It makes you fuller too, so you won’t eat as much. You feel cleansed inside. It comes in a powdery form, and must always be taken with liquids, not in its dry form. You can also get them in capsule form, but I prefer the one you mix into a drink. Also, drink it all in one go, not sipping over time, as it gets bulkier quickly once its added to water. You can take it every day but make sure you let your doc know first just in case you may have a medical issue conflicting with it.

Metamucil weight loss

“In 2001, the journal “Nutrition Reviews” published a report by researchers from Tufts University that found a link between dietary fiber and weight loss. Along with a fixed, low calorie diet, increasing fiber intake increases satiety after meals. The authors found that adding 14 g of fiber to your diet is associated with a 10 percent decrease in calorie intake. Over the course of nearly four months, increased fiber intake was associated with a 4 lb. loss in body weight.The American Heart Association recommends getting 25 to 30 g of fiber a day. The study authors theorize that increasing fiber intake to more than 25 g could have a positive affect on obesity in the United States. Metamucil products have anywhere from 12 percent of the recommended daily allowance, or RDA of fiber for ready-to-mix powder to 20 percent of the RDA for fiber wafers. This report was republished online in 2009.” (cited from livestrong.com)


Other Options

7/11/18 – Since writing this article back in 2012, I’ve found alternatives for stool softeners. These include:
  • Coloxyl– given to me during my stroke in-patient experience. This helped me poop every day. I was amazed, to say the least.
  • Fish Oil – the best natural solution, make sure to use ‘”wild, freshly caught’fish oil. See a naturopath for proper dosing.