So here I am, a 30 year old, I’ve had one major stroke so far, it’s over right? I travel to the Philippines with friends of family – only to feel so tired most of the time I sleep. Unusual. Yes?! I get back to Australia, have my usual MRA done and the doc tells me I had a stroke due to the reason my meds are not covering me. Greatttt -_- then, a couple of months later in March, I’m walking across Woolworths when I get the feeling that everything is going to the right side of my body, cue a surprise emergency room visit and I’m carried off to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. 5 days later I’m released. Phew, such a whirlwind. It’s surprising because while in the hospital they tell me I’ve had not one but two extra small strokes. I can walk and talk so it’s not as impactful. But it’s certain. So I’ve had four strokes. Enough! I tell myself. This is not going the way it should be. I’m lost for a while. Trying to come to grips with the fact.