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pink jumpsuit My Journey
The Pink Jumpsuit

Diary Entry: April 7, 2013 I was looking through my photo albums on my computer last night when I stumbled on these pictures of me wearing a bright pink jumpsuit. Besides the fact that it’s hilarious looking back on my fashion choices at that age, I also felt happy being reminded of that particular day.

hospital staff Guides
Hospital Staff

I’ve met some really amazing and wonderful people at the hospital. From caring nurses to outstanding doctors with bedside manners that all medical practitioners should strive for. However, there have also been some hospital staff that, not only I but friends of mine have encountered, that let’s just say are a little lacking in those

metamucil Coping Tools and Tips

I wanted to share with everyone today my new fav health product called “Metamucil”. In case you’re wondering, I make no money from telling you how awesome it is, I just love to share this product because it has helped me so much. I’m not sure if it’s available in your country wherever you may

posture Coping Tools and Tips

Today I wanted to share with everyone this fantastic video I came across on YouTube. It’s all about posture and how we can change our bodies to increase health and decrease pain-related issues in our bodies. The exercises or techniques are really interesting and challenge the way we think of what the correct posture really

AUME – Symptom Coping Tools and Tips
Pain Diary and Symptom Tracker

One of the most helpful tools for your doctor and yourself during your appointments is keeping a pain diary and symptom tracker or log. This way you can pinpoint exactly the time and date of when an autoimmune disease flare-up occurred, monitor, what you were doing each time and have a better understanding of what

how beautiful Wellness
How do you feel beautiful when you have a chronic illness

I look in the mirror and first see the blotches on my skin. They’re red, raised, they look horrible. Putting on powder doesn’t help. Now they just look dusty, that’s the best word I can think of now. I look closer, my knees are bulging. Little blue veins and white lines surround my knees. It’s

AUME – Cold and Flu Coping Tools and Tips
The Ultimate Cold & Flu Pack

It must cold and flu season here or everyone’s body has gotten a bite of the “sheep” mentality and started copying each other lol. The reason I say this, as there’s only distinct seasons here in The Philippines, wet and dry season, but pretty much the temp is always warm so you can’t really pinpoint

AUME – Flexibility Coping Tools and Tips
Cool down exercises for Autoimmunees

Flexibility – is it only for those elite few or can the rest of us “not as fit” people mould our bodies to become more flexible? Now if you’re reading this with a biological point of view, you will answer of course you can, you just need to train your body. But that is a

AUME – Corticosteroids Guides
Prednisone aka Corticosteroids

Wheher from the patient or even from family & friends, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the word ‘steroids’ and ‘corticosteroids’. Are the steroids that autoimmune patients are prescribed, the same as those drugs known to be abused in competitive sport?

AUME – Doctor Appointments Coping Tools and Tips
Getting the best out of your next doctor’s appointment

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a condition and attending regular appointments, or going through a string of appointments to get some answers, I hope you find this blog article helpful. Types of doctor’s appointments During my previous experiences, I’ve come across all different types of doctors, and I don’t just mean different like a neurologist