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Collection of guides that has helps through different Autoimmune Diseases

AUME – traveling Guides
How to travel when you have a chronic illness in 2018

In this post, I share a few tips on how to travel when you have a chronic illness. Hey, fellow Autoimmunee! This post is for those who are able to travel. I know there are some autoimmune diseases that hinder travel. These include those conditions for some of us with symptoms such as extreme motion

aume – leaky gut Guides
The connection between Autoimmune Diseases and Leaky Gut

For years I’ve heard of a thing called ‘leaky gut’. The first time I heard it, I imagined a dripping pipe. Little did I know, in a way, I was correct but also so far off from the truth. In this post, I explore the connection between Autoimmune Diseases and Leaky Gut. What is a

temporomandibular joint injection Guides
A temporomandibular joint injection

Hey! So one of my resolutions is to be as open and real about what’s happening with my health, and given I have a bit of a minor (but major to me lol) procedure coming up. Though it might help also might help others who might have something like this coming up too. When I

AUME – Reading Labels Guides
What to look for in food labels

If you have an autoimmune disease, you’ve probably been told to try to eat whole foods as much as possible in order to maintain your ideal weight. But in instances where you find you can’t, look for package food with food labels with nutrition facts like below. Earlier this year I discovered what to look

Tapering Pred Guides
Tapering Prednisone

Before we start Remember when thinking of these things you have to talk to your doctor to help make a plan together. If you are in ‘remission’ from your autoimmune disease like I was at the time. This means your disease is inactive then you can attempt to overcome pred. It’s a slow process and

hospital staff Guides
Hospital Staff

I’ve met some really amazing and wonderful people at the hospital. From caring nurses to outstanding doctors with bedside manners that all medical practitioners should strive for. However, there have also been some hospital staff that, not only I but friends of mine have encountered, that let’s just say are a little lacking in those

AUME – Corticosteroids Guides
Prednisone aka Corticosteroids

Wheher from the patient or even from family & friends, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the word ‘steroids’ and ‘corticosteroids’. Are the steroids that autoimmune patients are prescribed, the same as those drugs known to be abused in competitive sport?

AUME – Aromatherapy Guides
What is Aromatherapy?

You’ve probably read or heard a little something here or there about Aromatherapy. The first time I heard about it, it sounded like something you could only do if you had lots of time or you could experience only at the local spa. But the truth is, it’s not just some airy fairy spa treatment