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me now 3 My Journey
Renewing Autoimmune disease blog 2018

Welcome to my blog, Autoimmunee. This blog is a collection of short stories, tips, experiences (mine and others) and everything in between.  Are you an Autoimmunee? You don’t have to have an autoimmune disease to be one. You can also be someone who cares for someone who has one; be studying immunology or autoimmune diseases;

Sunrise 1 Coping Tools and Tips
Autoimmune Disease Short Story III (Outside)

Author’s Note: This is the third story written from a series of short stories called “Outside”. Which you can read more here. This story is fictional but I can relate to my character when some in their 70s try to compare the experience with mine, it’s not the same.   Staying up to watch the sunrise “When

Storms Before the Calm-FINAL My Journey
“The Storms Before The Calm” Coming soon: July 2020

Excerpt “Now, you’re going to have to dig deep, relive some of your most painful memories”, the psychiatrist said as she handed me a sheet of paper. She had given some ‘homework’ throughout my compulsory psychology sessions.  Her hands sat lightly in her lap, everything about her pose denoted grace (fitting, given her name – Grace).

Cami Stroke Stroke Recovery
Young Stroke Survivors

A few weeks ago I joined some groups such as “genyus”,  whom of which have greatly helped my adjustment after the stroke and coping daily with others who understood. Inspired by groups like them,  I wanted to talk about some of the challenges young stroke survivors that people born between the early 1980s to the

Warm winter Coping Tools and Tips
Keep warm and pain-free this winter

“Winter is coming!” if you’re a GoT fan, this may mean a little more to you, but even if you’re not, I’m quite serious – winter is coming and if you’re like me, your joints are already letting you know it’s starting to get colder. Having an autoimmune disease winter is usually an interesting time,

AUME – Reading Labels Guides
What to look for in food labels

If you have an autoimmune disease, you’ve probably been told to try to eat whole foods as much as possible in order to maintain your ideal weight. But in instances where you find you can’t, look for package food with food labels with nutrition facts like below. Earlier this year I discovered what to look