Hi, my name is Camille and at 26 I had my first TIA stroke, yes that was just the beginning of my story. My most major and final (well that’s what I am telling myself) ischaemic stroke happened recently, I was 27. It’s a bit unusual but I’m a survivor. So many people told me this is my chance and they’re right – this is my chance to be everything I can be. In this story, almost fable-like, I hope you don’t have to go through my young stroke experience to learn my lessons. Love and light, Cami xo

Vacation Intentions

Bali. The ultimate vacation destination. To say I was excited is an understatement. Not only to see Bali for the first time but my family who lived overseas for the first time in months.

On the second day in Bali and I could tell something wasn’t quite right. Exhausted and irritable, I put it down to being jetlagged, I needed to rest. My second day was uneventful (seemingly) and I had a migraine (unsurprisingly) I’ve had one almost every night for 7 years.

In the middle of the night

The second evening comes, it was 2 am and I was beginning to panic. I had no strength on my left side. I grew worried because breathing was getting hard. My sister was sleeping in the bedroom next door with her hubby and two little girls. I decided to try and wait it out till 8 am. 15minutes passed by and I was starting to truly panic. It was hard to even take a sip of water. I was going downhill fast and I felt desperate. I called my sister “Gala!” (her name is actually Gisella), “Please take me hospital!” I cried. I left a few voice messages on Facebook messenger to my hubby telling him about my plans. He’s a cluey one, that guy. He had booked a flight to Bali first thing in the morning, despite me telling him not to.


Thank goodness he did. After heading to an international hospital, several hours later (and injections) I got CT-scan results. I told them I’ve had a migraine before. Then they turn to me and say I haven’t got a migraine, I’ve had a stroke. If ever there was a wtf moment this was it. I was 27, on holiday in a foreign country, this couldn’t be happening right? So, that’s the beginning of my tale.

I literally woke up to a nightmare, only this was very real and truly happening. I had a major ischaemic stroke caused by thrombosis which can happen, but rarely, in those who have polyarteritis nodosa. It would take me at least 8 months to walk, talk, swallow (eat & drink) properly.

In the next blog posts, I’ll be tackling each “lesson” head on that I encountered on my journey. Thanks for tuning in 😉