Having an autoimmune disease makes it hard to stay focused. A way to practice the goodness inside of us and remember why we do what we do is theme days. Days where we consciously have an intention. Go about each day as usual with the added theme. Not sure what I’m talking about? Have a read below for some ideas:


Motivational Monday

Keyword: INSPIRE

  • Quotes to set the tone for the week start this day off.
  • Meditate for 5-10mins today, if not everyday!
  • Create a music playlist for the week to get you pumping
  • Set out business goals and schedule for the week
  • Find and watch a video of an inspirational person

Transformation Tuesday


  • What are images to inspire you to do and be better yourself?
  • If you were asked what’s a lesson you need to learn in this lifetime, what would it be? Could you do something today towards learning this lesson?
  • This day will take a bit of time for introspection. Look at yourself from the outside, what’s something you know as a weakness and how can you make it your power?
  • Select a workout to follow for the rest of the week til next time
  • Post workout selfies; wacky work out gear

Working Wednesday

Keyword: FOCUS

  • What can you do right now for your career? So it’s not just about a new exercise activity, but literal work activity – and in my case, what can I do to further my writing career? Use this day as a reflection about your work.
  • What are things I need to do in my business to get to that next step forward, and if I don’t know what that is, what are my business/career goals?
  • Do at least 3 small things or 1 major thing on your business to-do list

Throwback Thursday


  • Reminisce on the past things to learn from and also bring back e.g music videos, pics etc.
  • list down at least 5 things you are grateful for and write down why
  • What is something meaningful that happened to you in the past 24 hours?

Food for Thought Friday


  • This day is all about reflecting on food choices of the week as you can eat out on Fridays
  • Find and share favorite healthy recipes
  • Take a pic of your cheat meal
  • Try and share a new smoothie recipe
  • What are your favorite snacks and what are some healthy ones you can add?

Saturday Solutions


  • Get things done that were missed during the week – e.g tidy & clean up
  • Today is project day – small fixes and DIY at home (e.g balcony garden) Check out Pinterest for must try projects

Soulmate Sunday

Keyword: PASSION

  • On this day, share a workout you could do together with your partner.
  • Think #Sundates – going out with the your soulmate!
  • Think of future plans – daydream together and my favourite, Sunday is the perfect day to make a #FelizDay (happy day) here you or your partner takes the reins for a full day where you eat, what you do, suprises galore!
  • If you’re single, don’t worry Soulmate Sunday is for you too. It’s a day to love yourself too, because if you can’t love yourself how can you love someone else? Do something for yourself, go out and get a manicure or a massage, go for a nice walk, practice being YOU, I know sounds weird but think, what makes you unique? Your sense of humor? Your sense of style? Whatever it may be, don’t keep all that goodness to yourself, get out there! Join a new meetup group, step outside your comfort zone to meet new people – you may discover something about yourself too.