Hospital Staff

I’ve met some really amazing and wonderful people at the hospital. From caring nurses to outstanding doctors with bedside manners that all medical practitioners should strive for.However, there have also been some hospital staff that, not only I but friends of mine have encountered, that let’s just say are a little lacking in those areas of customer service. I’ve touched lightly before on the different perspectives in the parties involved in medical care for autoimmunees. You can read more about this in The Watcher and the Autoimmune Patient and I want to let you know I understand that doctors are people too. But one thing medical practitioners sometimes forget is that their patients are also people. People with autoimmune diseases don’t choose to be sick, why would anyone choose to have such conditions? So when an autoimmune patient is being somewhat difficult remember it’s just like any other disease, we go through the motions and need to be guided with a caring hand not someone who is going to make the whole process just more stressful. Continue reading “Hospital Staff”