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Are you an Autoimmunee? You don’t have to have an autoimmune-related condition to be one. You can also be someone who cares for someone who has one, be studying immunology or autoimmune diseases, you might be a medical practitioner, or you could just be someone who is interested in learning more.


Welcome to Autoimmunee!


It’s been a long time coming but the site is finally up! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Camille and I’m an online copywriter for Australian Businesses and also write some of my own blog posts through my site ‘Island Meets City‘ and my profile on ‘Weekend Notes‘. Since 2011, I’ve been writing about all kinds of topics that I’m passionate about including music, travel and of course, health. As I got more and more into blogging about Autoimmune-related health, I got tons of emails from people all over the world and that’s when I started to notice. People were actually reading my blog and not only that I was helping them through my blog posts. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that I’ve been able to touch others through my own experiences – good and bad.


I hope Autoimmunee will become your partner through all things autoimmune-related, you can read my diary with every day experiences and know that you are not alone in this. I’ll also share with you any lessons I’ve learnt so far from personal experiences and from friends with other types of autoimmune conditions. I have lots of great plans and ideas for autoimmunee and I’m excited for you to join me on this journey. If ever you have any ideas or requests for info/blogs you want to see on please feel free to email me anytime, I love hearing from readers and making new friends.


For a brief intro to my story and my autoimmune condition, have a read of my diary entry called: “The Invisible Visitor”.This is one of my earliest posts and not much has changed since then, except of course the occasional flare up in between, but I’ll be sharing those posts too soon.

Update 21/12/15: Have a read of What does it feel like?’ for a more introspective view of what it’s like having some symptoms as part of an autoimmune condition.

Sending you lots of postivity, healing and love,


Camille xoxo



  1. Michelle

    Love you website but most of all, love your Spirit!! Keep on Shinning!!!!!!

  2. Carmen

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Our nineteen year old grand daughter has this. It’s been very hard trying to understand a disease we know nothing about. In fact a lot of the doctors don’t know about it either and that makes it even more scary and frustrating. . Take care.


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