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Project BE – a challenge to be a better you

Hey guys! Over the past few years, ‘Project BE’ has been an on and off project, the project being me aka Project BE Feel Good.

As you know I’ve had an autoimmune disease for most of my life. It’s been a challenge to say the least, but I’m here to take my power back.

I know that there have been rough patches, with more to come for sure, but I am building up my resiliency and how I am doing this? with Project BE, of course. It’s never too late. Don’t give me excuses because at the end of the day, you’re just making excuses to yourself. It’s ok to fall down, it’s about getting back up.

I am 4 weeks into my lifestyle transformation, slowly introducing new things as I go on. I¬†am learning so much not just about health but about myself too. I’ve had friends ask me about what I do, what I’ve found, what works for me etc…and I realised that this pursuit of health and feeling good, isn’t just limited to people with autoimmune conditions, but applicable to anyone who just wants to cut the crap, live authentically and love life like I do!

You don’t have to be ‘big’ to feel unhealthy, in fact a lot of people are TOFIs (Thin on the outside but fat on the inside) these nutrition ideas aren’t to lose weight (although that may be a side effect) it’s to feel more energy, have less pain and/or headaches, to clear your skin, make your hair more luscious…it’s a lot of things, it’s basically helping to power your body to the best it can be, no matter what size or shape, and loving yourself along the way ūüôā

A disclaimer first, findings are just little things I’m trying. I’m not in anyway a nutritionist/health expert and I know everyone is different, with different bodies and different needs, so feel free to tailor these ideas to yourself and consult the experts when needed.

Over the next few blogs I’ll share a bit of what I’ve found and hope to inspire you in your own journeys to feeling great!

Notes on this journey of mine:

  • Conscious eating and drinking – in no way am I saying you need to stop all things all together, sugar, salt, meat etc. It’s more of a conscious decision and being aware of what it is you’re really eating. Are you really tasting it? Does it taste as great as you think? Everything in moderation, in balance is my belief. After cutting down on sugar (I still do have it) I’ve noticed I don’t need it as much, we have no idea how much sugar goes into our food without us knowing…everyday things like sauce, bread etc. Starting out, you’ll find yourself more aware of what food is made of, what it’s doing to your body and how much better you feel when you cut it out! Don’t get me wrong, I will share my real diary – I had my moments for example, when I had to really discover if I was ‘hungry’ or just so used to ‘snacking’ on sugary items that I felt hungry. There is a lot of research that can explain it much better than I can so in each post, I will point you to where you need to go first before you proceed so you can gain more understanding. I am still at the beginning of my journey, so I too will add more things later as I come across them.
  • Soul Food¬†– this project BE feel good mission isn’t just about what goes in your belly, but in your soul. What do you do daily to feed your soul? Your passions? Your dreams? Is it something you always say you’ll do someday, when you lose weight…when you make more money…when you have more time…newsflash no dream was made true over night, even those that seem they were, only got their ‘break’, and have had years building their dreams. It’s a step-by-step process. Doing something active towards your feel good aspirations. I will share with you mine and how I work towards them. Some things might not seem directly connected to these dreams and aspirations, but it’s letting your soul that you are invested and actually follow those dreams because it’s what you love! Health isn’t just physical, it’s mental. Do things that make your soul fly, more on this later…
  • Let’s get physical!¬†– I will share with you exercises I love, remember limited to my body and what suits me now, feel free to use ideas that suit your body and lifestyle.
  • Love and Relationships¬†– a healthy person has healthy relationships too. I’m going to share little ideas to remind that spark in your relationship that it should burn bright! Even for those not in ‘relationships’ per se, family, friends and even the relationship with yourself will be tackled in this project BE feel good!
  • Everyday Practice¬†– being in the moment, having gratitude, being mindful of personal goals, doing what’s right, passing it on…they aren’t things that we can all say we do on the regular, it takes practice. I share with you how I make these things part of everyday life and how you can too.

So are you ready to join me? Let’s do this!




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The Ultimate Cold & Flu Pack

It must cold and flu season here or everyone’s body has gotten a bite of the “sheep” mentality and started copying each other lol. The reason I say this, as there’s only distinct seasons here in The Philippines, wet and dry season, but pretty much the temp is always warm so you can’t really pinpoint the time when you’ll be sneezing, wet season passed without a hitch, and now it’s dry season and I’ve been sneezing and coughing pretty much everything out except my guts out lol.

Anywhos so this brings me to today’s blog topic. What’s the best of the best stuff to have ready for when you get the colds & flu? After much discussion with friends and fam, here are our picks for some at home remedies and things to stock up on…