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How to feel beauty when you have an autoimmune condition

How to feel beauty when you have an autoimmune condition

I look in the mirror and first see the blotches on my skin. They’re red, raised, they look horrible. Putting on powder doesn’t help. Now they just look dusty, that’s the best word I can think of now. I look closer, my knees are bulging. Little blue veins and white lines surround my knees. It’s a sign of all the ravaging this condition has caused on my body. The weight gain around that area, or should I say ‘liquid retention’ as the doctor tries to make me feel better about it, causes the stretching of the skin, thus the white marks. I want to feel beauty again.

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Beauty Talk

Beauty Talk

Hey Ladies,

It’s been a while since we last had a good old girlfriend talk, and this time let’s talk BEAUTY! πŸ™‚ Beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, the following are some things I do to feel beautiful, fresh and sparkly! I was inspired by a friend’s blog of mine, check it out by clicking here: V and M: Beauty Regimes.

I’ve been underweight, overweight, average weight, had good hair days, bad hair days, and the down right scary hair days lol, but each day I try to get myself to feel my best! Here’s my beauty regime andΒ skin care routine and the things I like to treat myself to from time to time. I’d LOVE to read what you guys do to gussy up each day πŸ˜‰

Skin care routine

I love simple cleansers (think Cetaphil, Physiogel, or Watsons Basic cleanser). It’s light on the skin but strong enough to clean out all that nasty crap from the day lol I usually start off with this when I wash my face. Followed by ‘Erythromycin Solution’ acting like a toner, it’s great for pimples, and combination skin like mine. Only use a little coz its quite potent stuff. Recommended to me by my doc, I’ve been using it for years, and it keeps any acne and pimple away. When you use it, so much dirt comes off your face, I use cotton balls to apply it. Then I follow this with Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion, once again only a little bit. It’s amazing stuff, if you have a spot coming out, put it on at night, the next day it’ll pretty much be gone and dried out. I don’t use this every night only as needed. And finally I finish with a good moisturizer with sunblock and vitamin E in it.Β I always put moisturizer on my feet and hands before sleeping.

I’d love to say I never go to bed with make up on, but alas I am guilty of doing this once or twice… ok maybe a few times. It’s really not good to do, but to make myself better the next day, I do my normal facial routine and then apply a good scrub (my fav is Apricot) and a facial mask to cool the skin and get rid of any embedded crap from the night before.

Dental Hygiene

I’m pretty basic when it comes to dental hygiene. I use colgate total, I like the paste best for some reason. Then I floss and gargle. No fancy products here, just basic routine.

Like Vanessa in her post, I wear a retainer to bed. I used to have braces when I was younger for about 6 years!! I try to keep my teeth in shape, not just because they’ll look better that way but they feel better for my jaw, unaligned teeth suck, so retainers help prevent that

Morning Stretches

After waking up I always do some simple stretches to wake up, energizing yoga poses can be done too, it always helps me start the day off right


Aiming to drink 2L of water a day is my goal and so is remembering to take a multivit today, it makes you feel better, more energy and more radient skin

Earings on Point

I never leave the house without a pair of dangly, pretty earrings! They are my ultimate beauty splurge, I buy a pair all the time, they’re cheap one by one, but I think after all this time they’ve really added up! πŸ˜›

Makeup Removers

I once posted a status on facebook about how amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil was, I was raving so much that a friend thought I was trying to sell it lol! But seriously, I can’t get over the power of this stuff is. I use it daily to remove make up. Not only is it a cheap choice compared to buying over the counter make up removers (you can get a large bottle that’ll last you ages) it’s also great for your skin. I also use it to clean my dirty make up brushes. By having clean brushes you’ll avoid breakouts. Think about it, you wash your face every morning and night, you should probably wash the tools you use on your face too. Olive oil is also really good for hair, you can put a little mixed with water in your hair and it’ll get healthier overnight.

Another Oil that is absolutely AMAHHHZZZING! is Virgin Coconut Oil. Used for massages, adding a bit of shine to your hair, drink it for optimal health and avoiding infections, use topically to remove the sting from insect bites, wash in your hair to get rid of dandruff, I seriously SWEAR by this stuff, it’s awesome, since using it, I couldn’t stop using it, and pretty much use it for everything. Look it up and try it if you’re on the bench about it.

Vaseline is a godsend

It’s cheap and has so many uses I can’t count them. From chapped lips, to coarse elbows, dirty eyemakeup (fix it with a cutip earbud and a lil vaseline and tada!) to awesome scrubs (mix it with sea salt) when you’re having a manicure for your cuticles, remove stains from your fav clothes….see I’m telling you there’s heaps of things you can do with vaseline, I always have it in my bathroom πŸ™‚

Hair Do

My hair is really thick. So once a week I apply a hot oil or hair spa treatment to it. I also use conditioner every day and leave it in while washing the rest of my body before rinsing it out.

Facial Saunas

I love facial saunas! I recently got one from Watsons and it’s amazing, my skin feels great afterwards. Pre-watsons shopping, it was still pretty easy doing this. Just get a large bowl or basin, fill it with almost boiling water, put your head over it and a towel wrapped to cover your face from the outside.

Foot scrub

Once a week I always give myself a foot scrub, just a basic basin with warm water and some nice smelly soap, a foot file, pumice rock, some nice foot scrub and moisturizer, and I’m talking an ultimate beauty treat! πŸ˜›


When applying make up, I always put a light tint moisturizer on first, and some on my eyelid for prepping for pretty colors, I LOVE bright colored eye shadows