AUME – traveling Guides
How to travel when you have a chronic illness in 2018

In this post, I share a few tips on how to travel when you have a chronic illness. Hey, fellow Autoimmunee! This post is for those who are able to travel. I know there are some autoimmune diseases that hinder travel. These include those conditions for some of us with symptoms such as extreme motion

Sleep Coping Tools and Tips
5 natural ways to get to sleep – and stay asleep

8 years before I had a bilateral pontine ischemic stroke I had migraines for 8 years. Repeat – eight! As you can imagine, I had bouts of insomnia and nights where sleep became very hard to come by. Here’s a list of 5 natural ways to get to sleep – and stay asleep! The Calm

me now 3 My Journey
Renewing Autoimmune disease blog 2018

Welcome to my blog, Autoimmunee. This blog is a collection of short stories, tips, experiences (mine and others) and everything in between.  Are you an Autoimmunee? You don’t have to have an autoimmune disease to be one. You can also be someone who cares for someone who has one; be studying immunology or autoimmune diseases;

aume – leaky gut Guides
The connection between Autoimmune Diseases and Leaky Gut

For years I’ve heard of a thing called ‘leaky gut’. The first time I heard it, I imagined a dripping pipe. Little did I know, in a way, I was correct but also so far off from the truth. In this post, I explore the connection between Autoimmune Diseases and Leaky Gut. What is a

Sunrise 1 Coping Tools and Tips
Autoimmune Disease Short Story III (Outside)

Author’s Note: This is the third story written from a series of short stories called “Outside”. Which you can read more here. This story is fictional but I can relate to my character when some in their 70s try to compare the experience with mine, it’s not the same.   Staying up to watch the sunrise “When

Storms Before the Calm-FINAL My Journey
“The Storms Before The Calm” Coming soon: July 2020

Excerpt “Now, you’re going to have to dig deep, relive some of your most painful memories”, the psychiatrist said as she handed me a sheet of paper. She had given some ‘homework’ throughout my compulsory psychology sessions.  Her hands sat lightly in her lap, everything about her pose denoted grace (fitting, given her name – Grace).

Cami Stroke Stroke Recovery
Young Stroke Survivors

A few weeks ago I joined some groups such as “genyus”,  whom of which have greatly helped my adjustment after the stroke and coping daily with others who understood. Inspired by groups like them,  I wanted to talk about some of the challenges young stroke survivors that people born between the early 1980s to the

playlist Stroke Recovery
Young Stroke Survivor Recovery Playlist

Are you a young stroke survivor? Beat depression and feeling the blues with these catchy tunes. The Requirements A catchy beat A strong, positive message Examples These songs I feel are great for the young stroke survivor, I listen to them while working out and doing rehab exercises: – “What are you afraid of?” by

nightmare My Journey
Waking up to a nightmare

Hi, my name is Camille and at 26 I had my first TIA stroke, yes that was just the beginning of my story. My most major and final (well that’s what I am telling myself) ischaemic stroke happened recently, I was 27. It’s a bit unusual but I’m a survivor. So many people told me