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Untitled Book Project

Untitled Book Project

“Now, you’re going to have to dig deep, relive some of your most painful memories”, the psychiatrist says as she hands me a sheet of paper. I’ve been given some ‘homework’ throughout my compulsory psychology sessions. “You need to be brave, that doesn’t mean not be afraid, but rather doing something despite being afraid” she continues. Her hands sit lightly in her lap, everything about her pose denotes grace (fitting, given her name), a calm and unaffected position as reflected by her gentle eyes as she looks to me. “This is a safe space Camille,” she says. I swallow a lump I hadn’t noticed was caught in my throat. “Ok, I’ll do it”, I say. That was months ago, and now as I sit on my laptop to do my ‘homework’ that has now evolved into this book. I hope you can learn something along my journey. Whether it’s for yourself, or a loved one, know that you too are not alone…

Hi, my name’s Camille. I’m now 28 and last May I had a bilateral pontine stroke when I was 27. Yep, you read that right. People of all ages can get a stroke. It just happened to me at this age. But that’s not the only thing ‘interesting’ about my story you’ll soon find out. In a few months, my story is going to published. I was going to say ‘I hope’ but I think hope has little do with it, as long as I am breathing, it will get published.

When I was a little girl, I would’ve loved to have a book like this. Growing up with a chronic illness (a rare autoimmune disease to be a little specific), can make you feel very lonely, and misunderstood – and you have puberty to worry about on top of that. This is my memoir and I hope it will inspire you to live your best life now. There are a lot of stories and tips packed-in here and if you are a patient or a carer, some may say ‘learn from my lessons (I won’t say mistakes, as every decision I made helped me to learn something new).

Personally, I find the best stories are the ones that make you think; question who you are, change you for the better and encourage you to improve on the experience of others before you. So that’s my highly ambitious expectation of the book that I hope that you will hold in your hands and take into your heart…will you be a reader?

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