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Stroke “experience” as told by Social Media

Stroke “experience” as told by Social Media

It has taken a while to finally get out my laptop. Not because I can’t type. Although in the beginning that was the case. I am here, up here (points to head) and I’ve always been here. There is so much to say and at the same time nothing. What you need to know are the main facts. I am 27. I am a stroke survivor. I hear you gasp, “no way!” yes way, it happened to me. There were many times I asked “why me?” but it has now become “why not me?” I like to think sure, I’m special and now I’m even more dedicated to being this. Special. A survivor. Made of tougher material. But it’s not all me. I’m so blessed to have God on my side and my hubby. The perfect example of an instrument of God. How lucky I am. Heaven forbid I ever suffer another stroke, but it has happened and I move on. I am dedicated to being the fittest, healthiest person ever. This is my second chance and I am taking it. One way to tell my story is as it happened. I shared on social media, Facebook in particular, so here we go with a few posts:

Stokes can happen at anytime, to anyone. Follow my blog to hear more about my journey.


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