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Weight Ups and Downs

Weight Ups and Downs

“You are going to see me big, you are going to see me small, I’ve accepted it now. I’m on prednisone and a cocktail mixture of a few other meds too,  it’s hard having a changing body image all the time but you know what? While these are the side effects (bloat, weight gain, swelling face…) they’re worth it because without these meds my autoimmune condition wouldn’t let me lead a “normal” life or as close as it can be, so if you have a problem with that that’s yours not mine”

Hey everyone, ok so I might have come down a little strong with my opening line, but I don’t take it back and I mean every word. I’ve talked before about body image and accepting who you are and it’s taken me a while to heed what I’ve been preaching myself.


I thought I’d share with you a timeline of just what my weights ups and downs looked like. It’s April now and I’m once again on a higher dosage of medicine since I had a flare up recently in February. You can see from the timeline photo collage I made below from photos of the last 3 years that I can gain weight and lose it just in a few months, with each date stamp on the photos was around the time I was either tapering or increasing my medicine dosages.


I’ve learnt that people can say what they want, they have no idea that most people with weight issues usually have an underlying health condition. While I believe it’s important to live a healthy lifestlye, not only to keep your body at its best, but also to feel good about yourself, remember the weight itself shouldn’t matter. Being healthy means having energy, clear skin, and a positive radiance amongtst other things- you can tell when someone is healthy by looking at them and they’re not always the skinniest person around. In fact, most of the “skinniest” people around might not even be the healthiest, starving yourself isn’t healthy either. Some people are blessed with great metabolisms too, you can see skinny people eating junk food and think how can they do that? But they’re not healthy. You can improve metabolism too by changing your eating habits. I’m not talking diets either. I’m saying by trying to include more healthy foods and eating a little more often can help metabolism. You can still be healthy and have boobs! I personally love curves on women and men! I’m all for tone and defintion, but there still needs to be a bit of shape.


I’ve had a hard time with some comments being made with my ever changing weight, but it makes me angry that I’ve been so vain in worrying about it – there’s enough emotional problems going on with having an autoimmune condition as it is without the whole self image debacle.


I aim to be healthy when I’m “fat” gosh I hate that word, it just bring negative connotations with it, so I’d rather say when I’m on a higher dosage, and I like to be healthy when I’m on the lower dosage too. I don’t like the idea of working extra hard at a certain time just because of what the outside is reflecting, what about the inside? What I am displaying from within? I want to display determination, integrity and passion for life – being healthy at any weight means you care about this gift of life.


I guess what I’m trying to say from all this rambling is this – it’s easy to judge others but remember everyone has a story and before you’re quick to make a conclusion about why someone is the way they are – it’s probably none of your business and why should it affect you anyway? If it’s a family or friend, be supportive, talk to them before going all judgemental on them – they might be just as healthy as you are only dealing without a lot more things. This is my diary for today, I am going to love myself no matter what shape or size I am and by loving myself that means I’m going to take care of myself. You only live once we much cherish every moment, it’s too short to worry over petty things.


Weight Fluctuation Timeline

Weight Fluctuation Timeline (Note: # on top = kgs weight)


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