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How to make your next in-patient hospital experience more comfortable

How to make your next in-patient hospital experience more comfortable

Over the past decade I’ve been in and out of the hospital more times than I can count on both hands. With each experience I’ve gained so much more insight and knowledge not only about my autoimmune condition but also about myself.

Just a quick recap, I was officially diagnosed with Polyartertis Nodosa when I was 16 (I’ll be turning 24 this year in September) and 2 years ago the first neurological symptoms of this autoimmune condition started occuring. My most recent experience in the hospital was in February, and it hit me totally out of the blue. I was admitted because I was having a fully-fledged autoimmune flare up. I lost my vision, had uncontrollable vomiting that lasted throughout the first few days, extreme vertigo that I couldn’t stand or sit upright without vomiting and a pounding migraine that just wouldn’t go away. On top of that, my arms and legs were showing visible signs that the subcutaneous nodules or “lumps” as I call them were starting to resurface. With a potent cocktail of various medicine within a week I was feeling a lot better, but I still couldn’t see. It can get pretty boring in the hospital especially if you’ve lost your vision, and while I could have looked at it as a pretty crap time, I instead chose to see it as an opportunity (well not see “see” but you know what I mean…) over the last few days of my time in the hospital, my very first dictated blogs came about, and this is one of them. Now, a month later with my vision back and kicking, I can now sit down to write out what I had recorded.


Firstly, I came up with a list of what to pack in an emergency bag or bring to the hospital if this ever happened again (which from past experience indicates a strong probability of it being so), I hope this list gives you some ideas too, I know we may have different symptoms so please edit as you feel where needed.


The next ideas that I had to share were about hospital staff, some tips and notes for both people that work in the hospital and also the patients dealing with them.


And finally, to really help make one’s in-patient hospital experience more comfortable, positive affirmations to remind you that you can get through this much easier with a positive attitude.


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