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Exercise DVD Picks

Tracy Anderson Method Mat

This is my favourite DVD to workout to. It’s simple but gosh does it work. Tracy Anderson found a way to get us ladies to tone and burn the areas we really want to get to. Imagine the lithe and length of a ballerina in the proportions to your body, the grace, the arms and legs. Now throw in the sexy curves and tight butt of a dancer, and the strength of an athlete, and you’ve got all a woman wants in her body. Tracy Anderson trains us to ditch counting how many reps to do and just go with the beat of the music. I really enjoy her DVDs because I can really feel the muscles toning and see it after only a few weeks. I don’t really want to bulk up so her tips really help when it comes to exercising.

Pussycat Dolls Workout

I love gettin’ my sexy on haha, exercising to the pussycat dolls has always been a lil secret I was ashamed of, but no more! While the pussycat dolls may appeal to males purely for their sex appeal, they also stand for independence, confidence, feistiness and embracing your sexuality to females (well I like to think so anyway). You might feel a little silly at the start, but its fun, gets ya booty moving and you might just start believing in your own self confidence towards your body and life. Add a bit of sizzle in your step 😉

Pump It Up

Moving the ministry of sound music has never been hotter. And I mean that in the literal sense. Fast paced and super energy boosting (will get you sweating!). I found the pump it up DVD super fun and a great cardio exercise. The girls and guys bods are really ripped but its a little inspiration on the way to your toned bod. Start out slow at first otherwise you’re going to be seriously out of breath. Good fun all and all.


The first time I tried Zumba was at fitness first with two of my awesome-est friends! And I sure did love it. Enjoy the sexy latin beats as you hip sashay the fat away. I sometimes hate to get on the bandwagon trends these days, but Zumba isn’t popular for no reason. Anyone can do it no matter what fitness level you are and it really is great fun to do. Grab a couple of friends if you’re doing this DVD, it’ll make it all the more enjoyable.

Tae Bo Cardio

Mmmm can you feel that burn? Kick ass with a good old tae bo DVD like this one and you may just find you’re a little hardcore than you thought you were. I really enjoy DVDs about tae bo, they’re great classes in real life too since not only are they a great work out they also teach you self defense in the process 😉

Turbo Jam

The lead lady in this DVD series is awesome. She has so much energy and is really motivating. Part tae bo, part dancing, part basic exercising, you’ll love working out to the beat of the funky music tracks and seeing people of all different shapes and sizing in the DVD.


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